pandoro donut Italy Recipe

  • Dosage per 1 x 24cm springform donut mold
  • for donuts
  • to decorate

  • Preparation time

    Preparation: 40 minutes

  • total time

    total: 40 minutes + 2-3 hours in the refrigerator

pandoro donut
pandoro donut

How to make pandoro donuts

First, prepare the cheese frosting by mixing mascarpone and powdered sugar.

Remove the bottom of the pandoro and cut it into thin slices lengthwise.

Overlap them slightly and use Pandoro slices to line them up along the mold (if you don’t have a springform mold, I recommend lining them with plastic wrap first to make it easier to remove the cake from the mold at the end) ).

Lightly wet the pandoro with milk and add half of the cream to the pandoro shell.
Add another layer of Nutella and the rest of the cream to finish.

Cover the filling with another slice of pandoro and close the donut. Wet these slices with milk too and let them rest in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours before removing the donuts from the mold and placing them on a plate.

Prepare the two ganaches. Chop the two types of chocolate separately. Separately, heat the cream until almost boiling and pour half of it over the dark chocolate and half over the white chocolate.
Mix (always separately) until the chocolate is completely melted and you get two smooth creams.

Decorate the donuts by first pouring the dark chocolate on top, then the white chocolate.

The Pandoro donut is completed. Garnish with currants if desired and serve.

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