pineapple sorbet Italy Recipe

  • Dosage per 2 people

  • Preparation time

    Preparation: 15 minutes

  • cooking time

    cooking: 5 minutes

  • total time

    total: 20 minutes + 9 hours break

pineapple sorbet
pineapple sorbet

How to make pineapple sorbet

Put water and sugar in a pot and melt over low heat. Once it boils, immediately turn off the heat.

In the meantime, clean the pineapple (here’s a guide on the best way to do it), remove the pulp and cut it into small pieces.

Place the pineapple and ginger in a container and start blending in a blender (you can also use a blender), also add the lemon juice and syrup and continue blending until you get a very smooth mixture.

Transfer the mixture to a low, wide container and let it rest in the freezer. Remove every 2-3 hours to break up any ice crystals (you can also use the teeth of a fork).
It takes about 9 hours in the freezer to get the perfect consistency.

Once it has the right consistency, you can divide it into small bowls with a spoon.

The pineapple sorbet is completed. All you have to do is garnish with a few mint leaves and enjoy.

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