Fruit Soft Drinks - Mexican Recipes

Fruit Soft Drinks – Mexican Recipes

Since ancient times, Mexico has produced many drinks made from fruits and cactus plants. When made naturally, it is the basis of a delicious soft drink.

The drink, made by mixing fruit with ice water and drinking it chilled, is very refreshing and is characteristic of all of Mexico and Oaxaca in particular. Natural fruit, or fresh fruit in the form of sorbet, fresh water, or juice, is an essential ingredient in Mexican cuisine.

lime or lemon

The most versatile. Popular Mexican lemonade is colored with the zest. The juice is used to flavor fresh water, and the portion goes well with tequila, mild beer, and countless dishes.


Very fragrant, soft and juicy fruit, with a slightly resinous flavour. It is widely used in nature and is also used in the production of sherbet.


It is consumed in all forms, raw or cooked, but is also highly valued in juice. Together with prickly pear and mezcal, it is part of El Baj√≠o’s very refreshing cuisine.


Its flavor pairs very well with pineapple and is naturally widely used in soft drinks, fruit salads, refreshing dishes, etc.


Its flavor is perfectly combined with lime and lemon, and it is not only consumed raw or with other fruits, but also used in the preparation of sherbet and fresh water.

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