Chongos Zamoranos - Mexican Recipes

Chongos Zamoranos – Mexican Recipes

Los chongos zamoranos is a traditional Mexican dessert made from milk. This is a typical recipe from colonial convents and is named after its place of origin, Zamora (Mexico).

Ingredients for 4 people)

  • 4 liters of milk
  • 1kg sugar
  • 6 drops of rennet (available at pharmacies)*
  • 1 cinnamon stick


Just heat the milk and sugar without boiling.

Remove and add the rennet drops and leave until solidified.

Cut into diamonds and place a cinnamon stick in the center. Heat to very low but boiling heat until yellow and solidified.

Serve in a deep dish.

*You can also substitute the juice of 2 lemons for rennet. Add a little at a time to the warm milk and stir until incorporated into the milk. Let rest for 30 minutes.

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