Melon Horchata - Mexican Recipe

Melon Horchata – Mexican Recipe

Melon seeds, which would normally be thrown away, can be ground up with water to create a refreshing drink. If you don’t use the melon for any other purpose, you can cut it into cubes and keep it floating each time you eat it. You can sweeten this traditional Mexican horchata with honey and vanilla. […]

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Horchata - Mexican recipe

Horchata – Mexican recipe

Aguas Fresca is a very refreshing and comforting drink that complements typical Mexican dishes with its deliciousness. Plus, it helps beat the heat and give your palate a break after a typical spicy Mexican meal. Another typical drink is horchata, whose main ingredient is rice. The horchata water is fresh, sweet, and cold, and you

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Chabacano Horchata - Mexican Recipe

Chabacano Horchata – Mexican Recipe

When apricots are in season, use them to make this mild horchata. You can also use frozen fruit in place of peaches or nectarines when they are not in season. material:- Serves 6 people 450 g fresh apricots, pitted and quartered 1/2 cup sugar, more if desired 1/3 cup long-grain or medium-grain rice 1/2 teaspoon

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