Posol Links of Chiapas - Mexican Recipes

Posol Links of Chiapas – Mexican Recipes

Pozole is the national soup of Mexico, and posole is a drink invented by the Mayans of Tabasco and is also very popular in Chiapas. Corn grains boiled in lime water are ground together with cacao in a metate to create the base dough for pozole. Mix this paste with water to sweeten it and make a cold drink. There is also a sour version of pozole, where the dough is fermented for several days until it becomes moldy. The people of Chiapas drink pozole prepared with this mixture as a hangover reliever.


  • 120g cocoa
  • Corn dough 500g
  • 5 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 1/2 liters of water.


The cocoa beans will brown and the shells will be removed.

Grind the cocoa in a blender or processor until it becomes a fine powder.

Stir until the cocoa is completely mixed with the batter.

The traditional method is to dissolve the cocoa pozole in water and mix by hand, but this can also be done using a blender. Add sugar to taste.

Stir the pozole and serve chilled in a gourd. Add ice if desired.

Recipe provided by: Carlos Mauricio Peña Lara

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