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Envqyer les comrnandes B l'une des adresses suivantes en y joignant le montant correspondant (par chbque, chtque bancaire ou mandat) en dollars des Etats-Unis ou dans la monnaie du pays d'achat.
Aviaizdat, 48, Ivan Franko Street, Moscow 121351 / Telephone: 7 (095) 417-0405; Facsimile: 7 (095) Senegal.(lugo) (HEL) DlrecclON general DE trafico (madrid) (HEL) docks-waterfront drakensberg-gardens east london EL musel (gijon) (HEL) EL portinyol (barcelona HEL) expo '92 (sevilla) (HEL) faroe islands (FIS) forum 2004 (barcelona) (HEL) fukuokaijcab AIR traffic management centre, aftniamhs COM center garidells (tarragona) (HEL) gasadalur gavlecopyright International.Lndice de las letras de nacionalidad para 1 s indicadores de lugar.The principles for the le relazioni di coppia oggi formulation and assignment of location indicators contained in these recommendations are given finitions (Annex 10, Volume 1 ) 1 Aeronautical fixed service (AFS) -A telecommunicationservice between specified fixed points provided primarily for the safety of air navigation and for the regular.119 1 V l q q a e 119 NQ March.Published by authority of the Secretary General of the International Civil Aviation Organization, to whom all correspondence, except orders and subscriptions, should be addressed.Locafionindicator- A four-letter code group formulated in accordance with rules prescribed by icao and assigned to the location of an aeronautical fixed rmulation AND assignment OF location indicators Four-letter location indicators shall be formulated and assigned to identify those geographical locations at which there.Buy the Full Version, you're Reading a Free Preview, pages 195 to 229 are not shown in this preview.Stefbika, 823 07 Bratislava 21 / Telephone: 421 (7) ; Facsimile: 421 (7) South Africa.
Doc 79101119location indicators indicateurs D'emplacementyka3atejlM (mhdekcbl) mectonOJloxehmfl Edition.
Director Regional de la oaci, Oficina Norteamkrica, CentroarnCrica y Caribe,.
UNO-Verlag GmbH, August-Bebel-Allee 6, 53175 Bonn I Telephone: 49 (0) ; Facsimile: 49 (0) ; E-mail: ; World Wide Web: India.
Where the place name identifies an aerodrome with a name different from that of the city it serves, the city name I ) appears first, followed by an oblique stroke ( and the name of the aerodrome,.g.Credit card orders (American Express, MasterCard and Visa) are accepted at icao Headquarters.You're Reading a Free Preview, pages 5 to 39 are not shown in this preview.Japan Civil Aviation Promotion Foundation, 15-12, l-chome, Toranomon, Minato-Ku, Tokyo Telephone: 81 (3) ; Facsimile: 81 (3) Kenya.The aeronautical authority, service, unit or aircraft operating agency originating the message, or to whom the message is addressed, should be identified by adding to the location indicator the appropriate icao three-letter designator, as listed in Doc 8585 Designators for Aircraft Operating Agencies, Aeronautical Authorities.Note.- It is intended that "NNN should not be used as the second, third and fourth letters of a location indicator.119 A H H 119 n No Changes incorporated i n t o t h i s edition Modifications apportees dans l a presente edition C a m b i o s incorporados e n l a presente e d i c i.Les appellations employees dans cette publication et la presentation des donnees qui y figurent n'impliquent de la part de I'oaci aucune prise de position quant au statut juridique des pays, territoires, villes ou zones, ou de leurs autorites, ni quant au trace de leurs frontieres.0 indice de las letras de identificacibn asignadas a las Areas de encaminarniento del servicio fijo aeronAutico de 10s Estados (carta)S cifrado.Icao Regional Director, Eastern and Southern African Office, United Nations Accommodation,.O.Les commandes par carte de crCdit (American Express, MasterCard et Visa) sont acceptkes au Sikge de I'oaci.Los pedidos deben dirigirse a una de las direcciones siguientes junto con la correspondiente remesa (mediate giro bancario, cheque o giro intemacional) en ddares estadounidenses o en la moneda del pais de compra.Attention: Document Sales Unit, 999 University Street, Montrdal, Quebec, Canada H3C 5H7,-,-Telephone: I (514) 954-8022; Facsimile: I (514) 954-6769; Sitatex: yulcaya; E-mail: ; World Wide Web: http:1/www.