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Cul piano ville

Records Track listing.
(uncut side) Box 11 SR-528 Hip hop music Performed by : Groove B Chill 1990 Publisher : A M Track listing : Hip hop music (groovy 7" version) - Hip hop music B" dub version) - Hip hop music (chillin' acappella) - Hip hop music.
Flash in the night (Secret Service You gotta problem (Toni Basil The girls are back in town (Risque To have and have not (Ronny).1955 Publisher : Trash Records Track listing : Not listed Box 14 SR-714 Jazz Performed by : Various performers; vocals by Slim Gaillard 1960 Publisher : Hudson Track listing : Two black eyes (Charlie Ventura) - Jeepers (Jimmy Lunceford) - Deal again (Charlie Ventura).Box 12 SR-580 Clubin tonight / Boyz Club Performed by : Boyz Club.Box 12 SR-606 Space is the place / the Jonzun Crew Performed by : Jonzun Crew.1, The early days of hip-hop culture in New York donne single matrimonio cristiano City, Performed by : Various performers 2006 Publisher : Soul Jazz Records Track listing : Spoonin' rap (Spoonie Gee) (6:58) - Sure shot (Xanadu) (5:26) - How we gonna make the black nation rise (Brother.
1980 Publisher : BC Records Track listing : Not listed Box 14 SR-678 Shut-up (Rules of the game) Performed by : Juny Boom 1981 Publisher : Snowflake Records Track listing : Shut-up (Rules of the game) (rap) - Shut-up (Rules of the game) (instrumental) Box.
Box 12 SR-594 Gonh be funky / Lee Dorsey Performed by : Lee Dorsey 1980 Publisher : Charly Track listing : Working in the coal mine - Holy cow - Do-re-mi - A lover was born - Give it up - Can you hear.
Productions Track listing : Not listed Box 2 SR-88 Blowfly's Christmas party: Blowfly's New Year's party Performed by : Blowfly 1980 Publisher :.K.
1985 Publisher : Unknown Track listing : Not listed Box 20 CD-370 Connecticut, 1980 Performed by : DD Lady Love, Infinity Machine, Disco Kid, Divine, DJ Easy Lee, the Treacherous 3, and Spoonie Gee 1980 Publisher : Unknown Track listing : Not listed Box.Box 12 SR-581 Monster rap / Bobby (Boris) contatti rare donne murcia Pickett; featuring Bobby Paine Performed by : Pickett, Bobby (Boris) 1985 Publisher : Easy Street Track listing : Monster rap (club mix) - Monster rap (dub instrumental).Box 4 SR-169 Gangster rock / Little Starsky Performed by : Little Starsky 1980 Publisher : Golden Flamingo Records: Distributed by Land of Hits Track listing : Gangster rock - Gangster rock (instrumental) Box 4 SR-170 Rock it, don't stop it / Sinister Two Performed.Box 16 SR-818 When doves cry rapp; When doves cry syndrome Performed by : Captain Rapp,.C.1975 Publisher : Toe Jam Records Track listing : Buzzy bragg - Buzzy bragg (instrumental) Box 8 SR-402 Get fly Performed by :.J.Bee; DJ Tony-T; Jazzy- K; Lil Man; Tiny-Tim; Elly-Gee Flier creator : Andyjam1 Event : Dynamic-Disco Event promoter : Casa City Production Price : 2 flyer 3 no flyer Box 34 Folder 13 Hone's One Stop Record Distribution N/A Hot 60 Singles sold at their.(Brother "D with Collective Effort) - Rapping dub style (General Echo) - Catch the beat (T-Ski Valley) - Dancing heart (Universal 2) - Funk box party (The Masterdon Committee) - Weekend (Cold Crush Brothers) - Big Apple rappin' (Spyder D) -.J.Rock, The Force MD's 1984 Series.Captain Gee Whiz) - Strong island (JVC Force) - Taking the waterfront by force (Ian Darby) - Monster rock (Something Anything; Freddy Fresh beats) - Party scene (Russell Brothers) - Standing on the top (Super 3) - Bounce, rock, skateroll (Trickeration) - B boy breakdown.

Box 11 SR-571 Placin' the beat / Spyder-D; featuring.J.
And Jazzy Wayne Productions Price : M: 4 F: 3 Box 34 Folder 11 Community School 129 June 27, 1981 corner with price information missing; phone number scratched on back Performers : A Touch of Class Disco Flier creator : N/A Event : Raffle and.
Box 19 SR-906.2 Spoonin rap Performed by : Spoonin Gee 1979 Publisher : Sound of New York USA Track listing : A drive down the street - I was spanking and freaking - I don't drink smoke or gamble neither - I'm the cold.